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    Hosted by HI INTERNATIONAL, French Affair Club and ats affiliates work under license agreements and have an absolute right to execute all exposed services.


    Each event will be based on commercial periods from the store/platform and depend on the calendar.
    The events will carry up a particular concept and expose members that match its perspective.
    Around 1 - 2 events per year.


    The exposition of each concept will occur inside Flagships (or as a pop-up event) during the most suitable period of the year and will last from 1 week to 1–12 months (s).

    This will also be broadcasted on the online version.

    The invitees can buy and discover the products / meet some artists first.

    Then, if deciding between the brands, FAC can expand the product to the stores as invitees among these periods are part of the fashion ecosystem.

    Co-branded distribution

    Special co-branded items found in exclusive are part of our partnership sales program, where the brand and the club have agreed to proceed this way.

    In case of any further questions or claims regarding this kind of purchase from us, please notify the club only.


    Direct e-mail: contact@french-affair.club